11 Muslim TikTok Accounts You Should Follow (Funny & Educational)

TikTok. Love it or hate it. The fact is that it’s taken over the millennial world by storm. Many may think that it’s full of silly videos. But did you know that there are TikTok accounts dedicated to Islamic education in a more interesting way than your school textbooks? Heck, even a Mufti is on TikTok!


Here are 11 Muslim TikTok accounts that you have to follow!

1. @isaysparkles “Isay Sparkles”

As a Muslim revert, she’s proud to flaunt  her new religion to the world. She shares how her family and friends react to her conversion (mostly positive) and how she dons her hijab. Watching her TikTok videos, you can’t help but feel such a warmth in your heart and a higher appreciation for Islam.

See her video here:  


2. @hijabihybrid “Q”

Q is a biracial mother who’s not afraid to voice her opinions. In a recent video, she discusses the issue of spanking children where culturally, it’s done to “tame disobedient children”. However, she pointed out that it may be just an excuse for violence. In her more light-hearted videos, she reimagines Disney princesses in her artwork to represent different cultures and point of views. There are those in hijabs, with afros or even with a feeding tube.

 See her video here: 


3. @tiktokqis “Balqis”

With a sweet smile and encouraging demeanour, Balqis creates helpful bite-sized Islamic-related content. She shares about the teachings of Prophet Muhammad as well as simple practices we Muslims can do on a daily basis. She’s also into modest fashion which she shows in some of her videos.

See her content here: 


4. @rhodaim “Roda”

Roda’s content focuses on educating and encouraging sisters especially those who are struggling with their faith. She makes videos with helpful and practical tips for us to get closer to Allah swt. She’s also not afraid to point out the injustices happening to our Muslim brothers and sisters in Yemen, Lebanon, China and Kashmir.

Check her out: 


5. @muslimthicc “Zahra”

Zahra shows her viewers her lifestyle as a Muslim hijabi through her funny and relatable videos. She also posts up story time and POV sketches with her infectious smile. She’s definitely setting up a good example for the young girls on TikTok.

More of her here: 


6. @omayazein “Omaya”

Omaya is an Arab-Latina who is happily married. Together with her husband, she creates content about a married couple’s life in a way that’s funny yet adorable. She’s also into modest fashion and would flaunt her outfits of the day.

Look at her go: 


7. @ikrxmxbdi “Ikram”

Several months ago, Ikram made a video venting her frustrations on how some people rush when doing the zikr. This video went viral (over 7m views!) so it seems that many people resonated with it. She continues posting her life as a Somali Muslim with her sassiness always intact.

See what she is up to: 


8. @nofunnybro

Unlike the TikTok handle, the videos on this account are actually funny. Goes by the name “Tahh”, he shows his lifestyle in the perspective of an Algerian Muslim man. He also reacts to viewers’ comments in a comedic way.

See him here: 


9. @lilzikr “Yusuf”

If you’re looking for consistent educational Islamic content with helpful tips, follow “lilzikr”. In his videos, Yusuf mixes simple comedy sketches with moral lessons that you can learn from each video.

Here is his link: 


10. @thepakistaniprince “Mahad”

Mahad is a Pakistani Muslim who is proud of his religion. Despite his chill vibe, we can see that he’s passionate about Islam and eager to learn. He’s also had a Mufti featured in some of his videos!

His videos: 


11. @muftimwk “Mufti Mohammed Wasim Khan”

This is the Mufti who has been in Mahad’s videos. Mufti’s videos are more focused on educating us Muslims but he puts in a way that is digestible and not boring at all. Each video has a focus on a certain topic and we viewers get to learn something new each time.

He is here: 



If you’re on TikTok, be sure to follow these accounts so that your feed is filled with educational content so that you may level-up your Islamic knowledge in a fun way! 

Do you follow any other Muslim TikTok accounts that are fun and educational? Let us know!